Cookie Nightmares

Ever baked a recipe dozens of times and then for some random reason it comes out like complete…….


It happens to the best of us unfortunately….

Baking Nightmares!


We’ve all been there….

We all have our own personal, flour-throwing, baking fiascos!

My recent cookie nightmare was the batch of sugar cookies I’ve made a million times. However, this time, my recipe turned out like this:

IMG_1935 IMG_1934

The top was cracked and they fluffed up too much, making the “supposed to be” crisp, scalloped edges, turn out puffy and undefined.


I re-tracked everything I may have done differently. Here is what I came up with…..

Did I?

  1. Over mix with my new KitchenAid Mixer?
  2. Not chill my dough long enough before putting it in the oven? (I had zero space in my fridge from holidays)
  3. Bake on the wrong pan? (I used a variety of new baking sheets, rather than my traditional parchment paper)

The BEST most POSITIVE outcome of these cookies?

They still tasted SO Good!


*They just looked like I was a first timer…..that’s all.

Where do you think I went wrong with this recipe?

Bookies & Bakers…. help me figure out where I went wrong! Your comments & advice are valuable to my next batch.


How many of you have been put in a bad mood from a recipe gone wrong?

Share your baking nightmares with me here & comment below.



Get ready to whip up lots of love in the kitchen because V-day

Feb 2015 newest bakes 118 (2)

is coming up fast & the only place you can find the cutest recipes are here on….

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You’re Welcome.

Day 2: A Red Velvet Winter

12 Days of Books & Cookies are here! Fa- la-la-la-la-la-la and…….la!

Keep your Cookie Tins open Bookies….

Day 2 for Holiday Bakes is The Red Velvet Frosted Cookie!

Paired with: Winter by Marissa Meyer

red-velvet-sugar-cookies-with-cream-cheese-frosting-cooking-classy-sharpchristmas-sharpholidays-sharpbaking  Winter-final

What a Christmas Miracle! (Yum in my holiday Tum)

Thank you to Jaclyn @

Level: Deck the Halls Frolicking (aka….fun & easy)


Also, if you haven’t yet read or gift-wrapped the ultimate series finale Winter, of the Lunar Chronicles Series, by Marissa Meyer, then take a quick skim by reading an excerpt here!

*It’s just released November 10th of this year and mildly re-tweaks the story of Snow White with a twinkle of Sci-fi! The perfect gift!

the-lunar-chronicles-copy-the-lunar-chronicles-fancast-jpeg-300004Just the right amount of joy for the holidays!

You’re Welcome.


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Day 1: The Very Merry Sugar Cookie

12 Days of Books & Cookies are here! Fa-la-la-la-la-la and…!

Get ready to stuff your Cookie Tins Bookies,

Day 1 for Holiday Bakes is the Very Merry Sugar Cookie!


It’s a staple for all holiday parties, traditions, and winter nights when you just want to snack & watch cozy movies. (My favorite!)

3  Ways to make Sugar Cookies in December:

  1. Plain & Buttery
  2. Frosted & Sprinkled
  3. Artsy & Decorated

Here are my 3 favorite homemade Sugar Cookie recipes from 3 Jolly Bloggers!


1. Plain & Buttery

Lynette @

Level: Carefree

Headshot-Crop-Round        The-Best-Sugar-Cookie-Recipe-600x450


2. Frosted & Sprinkled

Cassie @ 

Level: Funzies

6af1259f9e892fa4231dcc5fafea41a3       IMG_0589-480x720


3. Artsy & Decorated

Cheryl @

Level: Dedicated

cherylsousan009-2014-800   Santa-Bellies

…. or….

If you’ve gone crazy with Christmas Spirit…

Christmas-CookiesBake them all!

Either way, there’ll be magic in the oven!

::Warm Smiles::


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Your Bookie Gift Guide

So long Sweet November…..

Winter is coming and it’s going to be super cozy wozy!


My dream spot right now! ::insert whiney face:: (Image:

My Bookie Gift Guide will help you through the more -than -merrier insanity of shopping for loved ones this year!

But what to do after you’ve crossed every gift off your list!?


…..Snuggle up with a delightful book & have fluffy cookies baking in the background! As in……..DUH!

holidays 034

Add your warm mug of “blank” in your hand: (i.e. cocoa, milk, egg nog, tea, coffee, bourbon hot totties (for adults ONLY…::insert smilies::)

Fill your cute cookie tins with cheer and spice up the gift wrapped books with my:

12 Days of Books & Cookies!


You’ll have fun seasonal book & cookie recipes GALORE!


Get ready to stuff your face and check back here tomorrow!

You’re welcome,



Thanksgiving Eve!

gif-for-st-louis-postWooo Hooooo!!!! It’s pretty much here!

If you haven’t started baking yet for tomorrow, then get to it!

There’s nothing like a homemade, casual, & cute, cookie dish to bring to the dessert table for Turkey Day.

Or….even if you’re working this holiday, (because you’re a baller…Heyuhhhh!)…..then these are the perfect and quickest batch of cookies to bake & bring for friends to enjoy!

Level: Easy Peezy Pumpkin Squeezy….


Melt in Your Mouth Pumpkin Cookies!

Thank you to Crissy Page @

Recipe of amazingness found here!


Follow Crissy here!

Enjoy these simple cookies, which I had the pleasure of making last minute,


and ate about 8 of them myself before sharing with others…#Thanksgetting….

Happy Thanksgiving Bookies!

Stuff your face and check back here tomorrow….

You’re Welcome,



Day 2 of Turkey Week!

Trotting just one day closer to the greatest meal of life…..

comes our second cookie for last minute dessert preppers.

Level: Somewhere between Difficult and Simple (so….in the middle)

Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies


Thank you loads and loads to: Ashley @ The Recipe Rebel


These Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies are so Thanksgivingey!

Besides, what is Thanksgiving without the appearance of pecans, butter…or brown sugar…or cookies!!…(they’ll sit perfectly next to the pie table…. people will love them….they’re just so CUTE!)

Stuff your face and check back here tomorrow!

You’re welcome,

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Turkey Week!

Pumpkin is still in….

….in my oven…..right now…..

  ::sighhhhh:: Fall smells all in my face!


Before Winter takes over and we start our Bookie Wish Lists for the holiday season, you just HAVE to make these cute-as-can be cookie recipes to prep for Thanksgiving!

I’ll post a new cookie recipe each day this week and rank them according to difficulty level leading up to the big Turkey day.

**Wednesday’s recipe will be easy peezy – just in case you’re a last minute prepper who needs some seasonal help & cozy cookies!

Today’s recipe (as in HEY! It’s Monday! wee!) is for the Bookie who likes to decorate.

Level: Difficult (if you’re unfamiliar with Icing Consistancy) Allow yourself at least two days to work on these cookies.


Thank you to: Callye Alvarado @The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Her entire step by step recipe is right here!

Enjoy stuffing your face…. And check back here tomorrow!

You’re Welcome,

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